COVID-19 Safetey Protocols



  1. Dancers should come to class already dressed in proper dance attire to avoid use of the changing area. Including hair pulled back off face. Dressing Rooms are closed.

  2. Dancers should have their own water bottle with their names labeled on the bottle.

  3. Dancers should bring only their dance shoes with their names labeled on them to class in a dance bag with their name labeled on the bag.  Bags will be left in lobby and shoes only will be brought to the studio area. Street shoes will be placed in the dance bag upon arrival.

  4. Dancers should have their own mask in their dance bag for when social distancing is not possible.


  1. Dancers will arrive at the studio with their parent or guardian…please park your car.

  2. Dancers will be directed to wait on an appropriate social distancing spot .

  3. Dancers will use hand sanitizer provided by the studio on their hands.

  4. Dancers will enter the studio lobby and wait at a designated social distancing spot.

  5. ****PARENTS OR GUARDIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO LOBBY ONLY THE OUTSIDE AREA FOR DROP OFF AND PICK UP OF DANCERS**** Please note their will be 15 minutes before the start of the next class for student drop off and pick ups so do not congregate in the parking lot.   THANK YOU


  1. Dancers will proceed from their designated social distancing spot in the studio lobby to a designated social distancing spot in their assigned studio under the supervision of the instructor or assistant teacher.

  2. Social distancing will be strictly enforced in the studio setting as mask will not be required to be worn by the dancers during physical activity. Mask will be used when 6 feet social distancing is not possible.

  3. Bathrooms will be wiped and sanitized after each use by a staff member.

  4. Dancers will stay within their designated studio during their class.

  5. An instructor may move if needed and will properly sanitize before entering a new classroom if needed.


  1. Dancers will return to their designated spot in the studio lobby.  Parents or guardians should have their dancers name clearly visible in the front windshield of their car. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE…

  2. Dancers will be escorted to their ride (depending on dancer’s age) by a staff member

  3. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to pick up time…due to staggered starting times the parking area is designated just for drop off and pick up at this time.


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