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About Us

The Beth Walsh Dance Centre was established in 1992 offering student a well rounded dance education, stressing an environment of creative expression and self-worth. The Dance Centre welcomes students of all ages and levels to participate in a curriculum for both the recreational and pre-professional dancer.

Class Offerings- Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Theatre, and Acro. The first priority is to place children where they will progress; with each day and time of class secondary. Please try to be flexible with scheduling, so your child can make the most of their dance experience. Pre-school through adult classes offered! Please see below for descriptions of each dance genre.

Communication throughout the year is extremely important. The most valuable tool available for communication is here, through our website and on our other social media platforms. Some informational memos will be handed out in class periodically throughout the year, but our Website, Facebook, etc. will always have the same information posted. You may call or e-mail the studio at any time if you have additional questions.

Promptness is expected and appreciated. Please arrive at the Dance Centre early enough to be ready for class on time. If you do arrive late, please enter ready to dance.

Appropriate Dance Attire is required! All students are required to wear leotards and tights and proper dance shoes. Hair should always be neatly tied back and away from the eyes and face. To avoid confusion, please mark students name on all shoes, dance bags, leotards, costumes , etc. The Dance Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Preschool through Combination classes wear pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes with ties. For all other classes please see instructor for specific shoe/attire questions.

Absence or Cancellation-If you miss a class, please notify the Centre the same day and plan for a make-up class which must be taken within a four week period. If at any time you wish to cancel your program, please extend the courtesy of notifying us by call or note. Please note that a missed class does not mean a deduction in tuition.

Weather Cancellations-Decisions on weather cancellations will be made according to the safety of our students/staff. If delays/cancellations do occur please check our Facebook page, Instagram and/or twitter for announcements. Make-up classes will be scheduled following the cancellations.

An Annual Spring Recital is scheduled in May and students are encouraged to participate, although it is not mandatory. Those students who choose not to participate will receive their regular dance training and will not be excluded from any part of their regular class.

Thank you and "Keep on Dancin"

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