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Beth Walsh Dance Center

Quality Dance Instruction

Join us at Beth Walsh Dance Center for unparalleled dance instruction you won’t find anywhere else. Our studio is fully equipped and designed for all dancing styles, so put on your dancing shoes and sign up for a class with any of our experienced instructors. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Note the Age’s are used as a guideline…please email Miss Beth at with any questions regarding your dancer’s correct class placement

2023 Summer Tuition Rates


July 10th – August 17th

Please use this as a reference guide when you register your dancer online…

The tuition rates below will be recorded as your fixed rate once the registration is finalized by the Director Miss Beth

Rates are for the 6 week session and broken down by the # of classes the dancer takes per week.


1 class $90

2 classes $165

3 classes $205

4 classes $245

5 classes $280

6 classes $305

7 classes $325

8 classes $365

9 classes $425

A dancer also has the opportunity to drop into a class for $25 per class.



Tuitions are Non-Refundable after the first week of classes for the 6 week session


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